Better than Chicken Soup

Well, it's cold season... which means I get to break out one of my favorite soups!

It was originally in the cookbook "Clean Start" - so that is the basis of the soup, but I kind of just use whatever I have on hand...

The end result is a yummy soup with a ton of vitamins - healing stuff!
Healing Soup
Healing Soup
what to call it...

Healing Soup


4 cloves garlic (or more depending on how you like it)
Olive Oil (for sautéing)
4 pieces of bacon cut up the way you like em (if you leave it out it's a vegan recipe but you wont get that smoky flavor)
1 onion (medium) - yellow, white, sweet, whatever is available
2 or so carrots - slice how you like em
1 bunch of greens - whatver you like, personally we like it with kale or collards but chard, beet greens, whatever you fancy
a couple of cups of prepared beans (from a cardboard carton is fine or you can prep your own) - again, whatever you have that sounds good to you - we've used kidney, northern, lentils, garbanzo
10 oz of chopped tomatoes in juice (I like the ones in the cardboard carton vs can )
3 oz or so of mushrooms - get good ones bc you don't need a ton and good ones taste better (shiitake, reishi, maitake...) - very often I don't have mushrooms on hand - just realized I could maybe keep dry one around for this?? but it's still good without the shrooms.
1 thumb size piece of kombu
2 cups or so of sweet potato or butternut squash or reg potatoes if that is what you have (if you are going low glycemic don't worry you can do the sweet potato bc it's being boiled, not baked)
6 cups (at least!) of broth (chicken and veggie have both been used in our house)
1 T miso (I hardly ever have this handy, but it's got great probiotic, so if you have it use it)

Any or all of the following to your taste
Apple Cider vinager
Allspice or Poultry seasoning (depending on your likes)

Putting it all together

Sautee your garlic (I usually just crush and leave somewhat intake to take out later), onions (chopped as you like them for soup), and carrots...  (if you are using bacon put it in here too)
Once softened, add in your mushrooms and then add in your greens (I like to chop them in thin slivers)

let those guys meet and greet each other for a bit (medium heat)

Sometimes I remember to put my spices in at this point but most of the time I do it after adding the broth just because I can be distracted.

Prepare the kombu by soaking a thumb size piece in hot water, then dice it, add it to the happy mix

Add in your squash (or potato), bean, tomatoes and broth...

Simmer until squash/potatoes are tender.  I usually like to let it sit without heat for awhile to let more flavor marry, then heat it up again when it's eating time.

It's around this time that I usually add my apple cider vinegar and/or lemon juice depending on how I'm feeling, and how it tastes.

If you are using miso - add it just before you are going to eat (after it has cooled from boil so as not to kill your probiotics!)

It's gluten free, dairy free and egg free... No sugar No Grain... Vegan / Vegetarian (if you leave out bacon and use veggie or mushroom broth over chicken broth)...  so everyone can enjoy!!

Just Go Crazy

I've never made this the same way twice!!  Sometimes Alex adds cream to it after the fact to make it more hearty and I've made it with coconut milk (in addition to broth) before when I didn't have enough broth.  

Go for it, make your own healing soup, I'd love to hear folks ideas!!


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