Patience and Commitment

Another title... What finishing the Baltimore Half Marathon meant to me...

It can really be summed up in one sentence.

Finishing Baltimore HEALTHY meant that I was an athlete again. 

To me an athlete is the person that shows up day in and day out and gets the work done. 

I didn't always define it as such... Before, in my mind, the definition had paces, targets and PRs associated with it.

Now it is simpler - train in such a way that you show up each day ABLE to train. Period.

Consistent work yields results.

It doesn't have to be sexy work. It doesn't have to hurt. It doesn't even have to be badass.

But it absolutely must BE. 

I spent years trying to come back, to be the athlete I used to be. In the end, I had to leave that person behind, had to focus on other things --- namely my HR and functional movement exercises.  I had to spend months not worrying about pace or even distance only total time and HR. I put in lots of slow miles willing my HR to stay in target zones.

I had tried this type of training before and still found myself injured. Perhaps this time was different because I viewed this as kind of a "last chance", this time I committed to the slow. I committed to the shorter runs. I was running almost EVERY day but only 2 - 4 miles at a time.  

As these workouts went on, I really started to believe.  It was such a glorious feeling to wake up in the morning and feel excited about running, that moment when I stopped worrying about how I would feel afterwards because every time I just felt stronger!

I said my goal for race day was to show up at the start line healthy and I questioned if I would make that goal almost everyday. Would I be patient and committed enough to follow the plan and not screw up :)

My second goal was to run a smart race, the race of a patient and consistent person, an older wiser athlete. 

On race day I definitely met both of those goals.

It turns out, hitting these not so very "badass" goals brought me the largest sense of satisfaction I have ever had at the end of a race.

And a PR.

Achieve your goals through patience and consistency, and lots and lots of miles run at 12:00 pace 

Little steps, every day = goal achieved

I had a great coach to get me here.  He showed a lot of patience with me and my belly aching about short runs and slow miles :D Thanks for bearing with me Chance!

Race day stats:
13.1 miles
Avg HR 175
Avg pace 7:38
Total time 1:39:50


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